Our mission

We believe in supplying & manufacturing only the most efficient, environmentally friendly, long-lasting products. We believe in providing the support and expertise to make every project a success.

Next Generation Lighting Supply (or NGL Supply) is owned and operated in Salt Lake City, Utah and is currently serving all of North America. We help businesses cut their operating and maintenance costs using the latest energy efficient lighting technology.  The future of lighting is here. Our solid state (LED) lighting solutions and industry expertise are the perfect fit for almost any job.


Our management team’s combined experience in the lighting and LED industries make us the perfect partner to ensure you get a cost-efficient, on-budget solution for your project.


Our client list says it all. From Universities to major retail chains, from high-end residential homes to your neighbors front yard flag pole light, from 5-star hotels to Airports – we have the capability and knowledge to handle it all.


As both a distributor and manufacturer of LED lighting, you can trust that our in-depth knowledge of the industry will get you the best solutions at the very best prices possible.


Imagine never having to change a light bulb again!