Kennie Alton

Kennie Alton Chief Executive Officer

Kennie Alton is the CEO of Next Generation Lighting Supply (NGL Supply). In this role, Kennie has doubled the sales, increased return customer base, diversified the products and markets, and developed a product line that includes 3 patent pending products and 3 trademarks.

Before joining NGL Supply in 2008, Kennie worked for CAO Group, as the LED manufacture. As Director, Kennie lead the optoelectronics product design, sales and marketing programs. Kennie worked on site directly with the factories in China on new LED technologies and product releases to include 3 patented products that are currently on the market today.

Prior to working for CAO Group, Kennie worked 13 years for a diverse range of electronic organizations, including Newonics, STSN, MSL Electronics, 3 Com, US Robotics and Megahertz. (e.g. small business startups; large corporations)

Kennie’s passion and varied background in LED and Electronic manufacturing provides the perfect foundation for developing, manufacturing and supplying LED Lighting and products.